Observing social rights, main characteristic of Imam Ali’s justice

Observing social rights, main characteristic of Imam Ali’s justice

Observing social rights in the society have been one of the major patterns of justice set up by the honorable prophet of Islam and his infallible successor Imam Ali (peace be upon them).

Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Mohammad Moghaddam made remarks while addressing a spiritual ceremony held on Laylat al-Qadr, the night of glory during blessed fasting month of Ramadan.

The internationally-reputed scholar went onto say that mankind and societies cannot accomplish real growth in all perspectives without freedom and liberties.

If the freedom is snatched or taken away from human beings, they will not be able to pave the process of growth and flourishing, he noted.

Dr. Moghaddam also stated that mankind has blessed with several rights including right to choose.

He also pointed out that some schools of thought maintain that humans are of obliged to carry out their duties.  Islam and its divine leaders, however, have also stressed much on the rights of mankind as well, the scholar said.

The Muslim scholar stressed that the holy prophet of Islam emerged in such a society where race and tribe had been vital and were source of prejudice.  But the holy prophet attached significance to monotheism, piety, justice and human dignity, he added. 

The scholar point out that justice and its various aspects have been much discussed and given importance in Nahj al-balagha , an anthology of sayings and writings of Imam 'Ali (PBUH) which have been compiled by al-Sayyid al-Radi.

According to Islamic traditions, justice has priority and preference over the generosity, 

Elsewhere in his remarks, the well-known intellectual also described a variety of concepts for justice by citing references from Islamic traditions and theological works of scholars.  

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